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Created on 2009-05-04 17:02:44 (#277228), last updated 2009-05-04 (437 weeks ago)

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Name:Jigoku Shoujo - Hell Girl
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Welcome to the Jigoku Shoujo fan community on Dreamwidth! For everything to do with Jigoku Shoujo/Hell Girl - that includes fanfiction, fanart, graphics, discussion, news. Just keep it on-topic!

The eternally optimistic [personal profile] elwing_alcyone is your maintainer, and you can contact me via e-mail or comment about any problems. The rules stand thus:

1. Stay civil and don't feed trolls. Avoid flames, wank, personal insults and character or ship-bashing.

2. Be considerate. Long posts or large graphics should be behind a cut. How big is too big? I'll leave it up to your common sense for now; if in doubt, use a cut. NSFW material and spoilers should always be behind a cut with a warning. (Instructions on making a cut here.)

Interests (35):

anime, banners, enma ai, fanart, fanfiction, gen, ghosts, graphics, hajime shibata, hell, hell girl, het, higanbana, hone onna, horror, ichimoku ren, icons, internet, japanese folklore, jigoku shoujo, jigoku tsuushin, kikuri, manga, midnight, revenge, snow, tsugumi shibata, tsukumogami, urban legends, wanyudo, yamawaro, yaoi, yokai, yuri, yuzuki mikage
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